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Favorite Clothes of a Minimalist

Favorite Clothes of a Minimalist “Look at all those fancy clothes, but these gonna keep us warm just like those.” â€"Jack Johnson What does a minimalist wear? I’m surprised I get this question as often as I doâ€"as if people expect to see me walking around in a loinclothâ€"but, given the many misconceptions surrounding minimalism, it’s a valid question. Simply, a minimalist wears their favorite clothes every day. Most days I wear jeans, a teeshirt, and a pair of boots. Or, when I feel like it, I wear a crisp white button-up shirt, jeans, a blazer, colorful socks, and a clean pair of dress shoes. (I avoid logos because I refuse to be a walking billboard.) I don’t have many clothes now, and I still go to the Goodwill a few times a month to donate an item or two (if I’m not wearing it anymore, it gets donated), but I thoroughly enjoy the clothes I own. I don’t, however, give sentimental meaning to my clothes. If all my clothes burned in a house fire tomorrow, it wouldn’t be a big deal to me. “What about those shoes you’re in today? They’ll do no good on the bridges you burnt along the way.” â€"Jack Johnson Read this essay and 150 others in our new book, Essential.

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In This Class I Have Learned That Sociology Is Everywhere.

In this class I have learned that sociology is everywhere. I got a better understanding of how our life chances and shape by social structure and how it could have affected our self and society. We get understand where the people come from and understanding of behaviors and struggles of other people. We all watch movies right? Well in the movies they also replicate and show the understand of sociology even the movies that are base on true story. I watched two different movies such as â€Å"Stand and Deliver† and â€Å"The Color People,† that demonstrated the sociology perspectives that I have learned. The movies are good way to manifest learning and teach us how the world views characters in their movies and understand values. I learn there are†¦show more content†¦Stand and Deliver can even been seen as an example of functionalism, â€Å"a group whose values, beliefs, norms, and related behaviors place its member in opposition to the broador culture†( ). Also in the film women of the Hispanic race are portrayed to drop out of school because in the Hispanic culture woman are expected to stay home, be homemaker and care for the children. Parents also are a factor in Hispanic culture that they question are motives to have an education. That men didn’t like women that are smarter and of course independent. This factors are betray in the movie, and also in real life is the Hispanic culture. Through out the movie you see difficulties that the students are trying to finally fit to be part of the system but they still may not be accepted because of their classes. With low achieving school, have a suspicious amount of high test scores the reliability and dependability are questioned. Conflict theory is used that the struggle in society and schools between the haves and have nots. For example, not funding for computer, not having computers, no air conditioning for summer and less opportunities for students in ge neral. The school is portrayed as a place where students do not want to be or care about being in school. The staff don’t care about the students especially they gave up on them. There is a quote that I got from the movie, that Mr. Escalante was asking the math department for calculusShow MoreRelatedSociology : Social Relationship, Development And Function Of Human Society986 Words   |  4 PagesSociology is the study of social relationship, development and function of human society. Throughout the course of sociology you can lean many things about your society and even your self. Sociology will change the way you look at life and might be able to reflect on future designs or ideas. When enrolling in sociology you will be able to have a set of skills to see sociology, have the knowledge of sociology, and have values of sociology. By having skills, knowledge, and values you will be able understandRead MoreSociology in Everyday Life Essay911 Words   |  4 PagesSociology i n Every Life One central and important study of sociology is the study of everyday social life. Everyday life and sociology are definitely two distinct terms and situations, but they hold a close relationship. While sociology studies human interaction, everyday life consists of everyday human interaction. Everyday life is filled by human beings interacting with one another, institutions, ideas, and emotions. Sociology studies the interactions with all of these and shows how mere interactionRead MoreMy Calling1181 Words   |  5 Pagesothers has lead me into an education concentrating on Human Services, Psychology, and Criminal Justice. When I started attending school, I hadn’t narrowed down what field I really wanted to focus on. The following two tables will show what classes I have taken as required for core classes as well as major specific classes. I have highlighted, in yellow, the top five most influential classes that have inspired me in one way or another. CORE CLASSES Lecture Project Discussion Field Work ExperimentationRead MoreSociological Reflection1052 Words   |  5 Pagesthe beginning of the semester, I knew very little about sociology or even what it was about. I just knew I needed to take the class for my degree plan to transfer to a four-year university and that I would be doing a lot of reading about different terms and theories of society. However, this first month of class has helped me improve my understanding of what sociology is about and shown me how my personal society has impacted the way I view society. Not only did I learn about the relationships betweenRead More42-Sociological Analysis848 Words   |  4 PagesSport Movie Review 42, The True Story of an American Legend I recently saw the film, 42, and I found many connections with our Sociology of Sport class. First and foremost, the movie was about the baseball legend, Jackie Robinson. Jack broke the baseball color barrier and was the first African American player allowed in Major League Baseball. He played for the Brooklyn Dodgers beginning in 1947. Jack was a strong, talented player, but he also had a mind of his own. He played with an attitudeRead MoreThe First Racial Issues Of America787 Words   |  4 PagesWhat I would like to investigate about the course theme of â€Å"America† two major issues I will consider. The first racial issues second obesity. We all know the issues when it comes to these two topics especially here in America. The biggest part about racial is the class inequalities and the injustice that is going on today. Not only with black people also immigrants, until we don’t apply what Martin Luther King said in his speech at the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 1 963 he said, â€Å"When we let freedomRead MoreMy Sage Process, And The Lgbt Community, Mental Health Issues, Treatment Options1282 Words   |  6 Pagesthe main interactions that I have had with elders have been with my grandparents. When thinking about it, I still have had limited interactions with elders as of recently because I have not been talking to my grandparents as often as I should. Through taking this course, I have kept my grandparents in the back of my mind as learning the different aspects of things that elders encounter on a daily basis. The readings, guest speakers, class discussions, and lectures have helped me to accumulate theRead MoreThe World s Population No Matter1408 Words   |  6 Pageswhat the other person is thinking. The world’s population no matter the race, gender or age is part of an ever-lasting experiment that we call Sociology. Sociology is a science guided by the basic understanding that the social matters: our lives are affected, not only by our individual characteristics, but also by our place in the social world. (Carl 2011:4) This paper will help better interpret what different inequalities exist in Africa. Seek to find how much of an impact it is to the rest of the worldRead MoreI Am A Very Indecisive Person2041 Words   |  9 PagesI am a very indecisive person, especially when it comes to what career I want to have in the future. However, I do know that I want to further my education. Throughout my life, I have always had numerous people as role models such as my father, and my older sister. I strive to be as hardworking as them. As a person part of the minority, being a first-generation college student, having faced financial situations, and dealing with people who believe I will not succeed gives me motivation to finishRead MoreGender Socialization1694 Words   |  7 PagesGender Socialization Sociology 100 Before a newborn child takes his or her first breath of life outside the mother s womb, he or she is distinguishable and characterized by gender. A baby is born and the doctor looks at the proud parents or parent and says three simple words: Its a boy, or Its a girl The baby is brought home and dressed in clothes that help friends, family and even strangers identify the sex of the child. Baby boys are dressed in blue and baby girls are dressed in

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The Honest to Goodness Truth on Sociological Issues

The Honest to Goodness Truth on Sociological Issues The Hidden Truth About Sociological Issues If there is absolutely no method of changing what's happening, it isn't a social matter. You're building a photo of a social issue, and you want to bring up every potential side of the story. Similar issues with racism can be viewed in the streams of distinct games. Throughout the life program, there are social problems connected with distinct ages. In a relationship, two people from other families live together and it's not as straightforward as it sounds. It is crucial to understand that not all things that take place in society are raised to the amount of social issues. Among the critical explanations for why women stay in abusive relationships is due to deficiency of knowledge. The rest is left up to your determination and commitment to see everything through. Sociologists differ in their comprehension of the idea, but the range suggests several significant commonalities. Some emerging studies suggest that the wellness benefits might be the very same for grape juice and wine. While it is quite problematic in some specific locations, in others it has affected a relatively modest proportion of the people. On the flip side, psychologists can handle the psychological and sociological problems, but are handcuffed when it has to do with treating the chemical or physical troubles. Among the aims of the sociological perspective is to demonstrate how deeply a man or woman is affected by society and its social forces, even if it comes to what may look like personal problems. Ethical theories and concepts are formulated to elaborate on the various ethical issues that might appear. Various things influence someone's lifestyle, behavior, relationship and a whole lot more. Watch the next video to find a good example of the way the sociological imagination is utilized to comprehend the matter of obesity. Another big rationale is economic dependency. Another aspect that propelled him to his present celebrity status is a result of his wide-ranging tweets. The Little-Known Secrets to Sociological Issues When you compose a social issue essay, it is crucial to demonstrate your private view of t he issue. Sociology can be a rather intricate subject, so you might want to get some dedicated assistance from the writers at (Company Name). To begin with, your essay is supposed to deal with a specific social, psychological or anthropological matter. If you would like to learn how to write excellent essays on sociology, just take the subsequent steps. Sociologists can expect strong competition because sociology is a well-known area of study with a comparatively modest number of positions. When carrying out studies within the area of Sociology everybody will approach the topics in distinct ways. One of the greatest approaches to study Sociology is through the interpretation and comprehension of current events within the field. Furthermore, countries that allow multiple political parties and absolutely free expression of speech have just one more issue in regards to tackling a few of the issues that plague its society. The circumstance is even direr when there is just one p arent. How another nation addresses the problems of a developing nation may influence its relationship with that nation and the remaining part of the world for many years to come. The root cause of social problems is due to unemployment, which is additionally a social problem itself. Even the very best writer on earth cannot compose a high-quality academic paper the evening before it's due. The chief reason why people, and a few athletes, think it's bad to protest is a result of how the athletes could potentially lose their endorsements. The problem is that all these of the players don't have anything to lose because they are frequently caught once they have entered professional sports, so they can't be punished as severely. In reality, the competition to receive a promotion can be fierce. Sociological Issues Explained Sociological imagination is the ability to shift from 1 perspective to another. Don't be worried about the originality.

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Storytelling in Homer’s Odyssey Free Essays

Tall Tales Things need not have happened to be true. Tales and adventures are the shadow truths that will endure when mere facts are dust and ashes and forgotten. –Neil Gaiman The escapades of wily Odysseus are ingrained into the hearts of countless children. We will write a custom essay sample on Storytelling in Homer’s Odyssey or any similar topic only for you Order Now The bedtime story of one man’s journey home and the obstacles he faces along the way forever lives on in youthful imagination. Alas, a problem arises when mythology-loving children grow up. Vocabulary and comprehension matures slowly over time, and, at some point, the youth is ready to delve into the feast that is Homer’s unabridged poetry. As the reader devours book after book of The Odyssey, he or she finds comforting familiarity in the stories, the characters, and the monsters, but something is not quite right. While hearing of Odysseus’ adventures as a child, the action was spoken from the steady voice of a omnipresent narrator, but in Homer’s work, the poet often speaks through Odysseus as a storyteller recounting his glorious past. This is when the disillusioned youth comes to a devastating conclusion: Odysseus is a liar.Homer distances himself as the poet from the more fantastic tales that the reader recognizes from youth: the Lotus eaters, the Laestrygonians, the Cyclops, Scylla and Charybdis, Circe, Aeolus and the winds. All these wondrous tales are told from the deceitful, crafty mouth of Odysseus. To the Phaeacians, he is a illustrious adventurer ready for derring-do at all times. To the knowing Athena, he claims to be a Cretan fugitive. And to Eumaeus and Telemachus, he in all his craftiness asserts that he is (while still a Cretan) a beggar who fought alongside the great Odysseus on the Trojan shore.Odysseus adopts these facades for different motives, but the response to his stories are unanimously positive. Through his stories, Odysseus does not sacrifice his integrity, rather he gains honor. When the eager reader reaches Book IX, he or she reaches some of the most familiar events in Homer’s lore. Homer, through Odysseus’ account to the Phaecians, crafts some of the most thrilling action in the poem. Daring escapes, clever plans, and terrifying beasts are woven into a tapestry of wonder and enchantment. Yet for the great storyteller that he is, Odysseus s hesitant to relate his tale. â€Å"But now you wish to know my cause for sorrow / and thereby give me cause for more† (Homer 158). As exaggerated as the following account is, Odysseus seems to be truthful about his grief. Whether or not his men perished as he claims is not certain, but death was the end to their stories nonetheless. Odysseus honors the memory of these men by spinning a yarn so great that his men become immortal in his story. This does not, however, mean that he wishes to present his shipmates as faultless.He freely lays blame on the crew for releasing King Aeolus’ winds. By doing this, Odysseus proves his skill as a raconteur by showing man’s greedy nature and the consequences that are a result. Odysseus’ goal is not to raise himself up as the greatest of heroes either. He freely admits to his follies and to the deaths that heavy his heart with guilt. Odysseus confesses to his own human weaknesses saying, â€Å"Now, being a man, I could not help consenting† (189), when tempted by Circe to forgo his return home to Ithaca, putting his men in danger in the process.He even tells how one of his men, Eurylochus, blamed Odysseus for the death of his shipmates at the hands of the Cyclops, â€Å"That daring man! They died for his foolishness! † (190). He willingly admits to being overpowered by lust in the case of Circe, but he also tells of his tactical genius concerning the Sirens. Odysseus’ story is not a matter of boastfulness, rather a matter of honor, his own and that of his fallen comrades. Clearly, the Phaecians are satisfied with the narrative, â€Å"He ended it, and no one stirred or sighed / in the shadowy hall, spellbound as they all wereâ₠¬  (241). So impressed by the story and empathetic to Odysseus’ losses, in fact, that King Alcinous almost immediately loads his ship and has a Phaecian crew sail him back to Ithaca. The Phaecians are so entertained and enamored by Odysseus’ eloquence that they believe any word that flows from his lips, no matter how ludicrous. Odysseus does not set out to deceive his hosts, quite the opposite. When King Alcinous asks him to relate his travels, he does not want facts, he wants a story. After incurring the wrath of Poseidon one last time, Odysseus awakens on an Ithaca that he does not recognize thanks to Athena’s deviousness.When confront by the goddess in disguise, Odysseus â€Å".. . answered her / with read speech–not that he told the truth, / but, just as she did, held back what he knew, / weighing within himself at every step / what he made up to serve his turn† (250). After claiming to be a Cretan fleeing his homeland after murdering a courier, Athena reveals herself to her favorite Odysseus. Then, surprisingly, she does not chastise him for lying, instead she praises him for his gift of deception, â€Å"Whoever gets around you must be sharp / and guileful as a snake; even a god / might bow to you in ways of dissimulation. You! You chameleon! † (251). Athena is not condoning Odysseus deceit, she is commending him. This prioritization of wit and cleverness over straight honesty is harder for modern readers to fully grasp than it would have been for the Greeks hearing the lovely recitation. Using the guise of a Cretan once more (fittingly because as the famous Cretan Epimenides once said, â€Å"All Cretans are liars,†) Odysseus tests the swineherd’s, Eumaeus’, loyalty and hospitality.Odysseus hints that Eumaeus’ master may be closer than he expects (263). In direct contrast to the Phaecians response, Eumaeus does not let himself believe the words of the stranger, how ever silver-tongued he may be. Eumaeus responds to the hidden Odysseus’ message of hope with pessimism concerning lonely Penelope, old Laertes, and absent Telemachus. In the manner of Greek hospitality, Odysseus and Eumaeus share a meal, wine, and stories, and while Eumaeus’ origin may not be as mythic as Odysseus, who is to say it is factual?His background is shared gracefully enough that even the esteemed Odysseus complements Eumaeus’ skill, â€Å"That was a fine story, and well told, / not a word out of place, not a pointless word† (275). When Tele machus returns, Odysseus carries on his charade. In the guise of a old beggar, Odysseus tests Telemachus’ valor saying, â€Å"If my heart were as young as yours, if I were / son to Odysseus, or the man himself, / I’d rather have my head cut from my shoulders / then to suffer the pestilence that is the suitors† (304). In rebuttal to this harsh insult, Telemachus explains that Odysseus left him too young to prevent the suitors from swarming to Penelope. It is then that Athena deems it time to reveal Odysseus’ true form. This revelation and reunion is not only touching, but it also fills Telemachus with a pride and hunger to face the suitors. Odysseus disguised himself on Ithaca for almost four days before enacting revenge on the suitors who dishonor his home. Why would he wait so long? Why not burst through the doors right away and start cutting down men one by one?Odysseus never claims to be the strongest, the boldest, or even the bravest, but everyone knows that Odysseus is the wiliest. It is Odysseus, the master tactician and master of disguise, not a rage-filled berserker that reclaims his throne. It is safe to assume that Odysseus’ stories are not factual, but that in no way justifies the statement, â€Å"Odysseus is a liar. † His purpose in the story to the Phaecians is not to recount his travels verbatim, rather he only wishes to convey the bravery of his men and the sadness in his heart. By the end of his tale, the hall is silent with grief.His reason for acting as a Cretan outlaw is not treachery, but an exercise in his great skill. He hides himself to his friends and family not out of malice, but so his intellectual stratagem banishes the suitors to Hades, not brute strength. Odysseus’s slyness and wit are to be admired, not admonished. When he announces his identity to the Phaecians, he does not cite his brute strength or skill in warfare as his gifts. He exclaims proudly, â€Å"I am Laertes’ son, Odysseus / Men hold me formidable for guile in peace and war: / this fame has gone abroad to the sky’s rim† (158). While heroes such as Achilles and Heracles establish their place in legend and eternity among Elysian fields with force and passion, Odysseus forever immortalized himself in the epics of the Ancients and the storybooks of children because of he is a â€Å"man of twists and turns† who knows how to tell a good story.Works Cited Gaiman, Neil. The Sandman Vol. 3: Dream Country. New York, New York: DC Comics, 1991. Homer. The Odyssey. Trans. Robert Fitzgerald. Garden City, New York: Doubleday ; Company, 1992. How to cite Storytelling in Homer’s Odyssey, Papers

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The Success Of Andrew Lloyd Webber Essays - Cancer Survivors

The Success Of Andrew Lloyd Webber Musical theatre is a very difficult profession in which to make a living. Most composers of musicals only create one good musical and are unable to create any more. Not Andrew Lloyd Webber! He is not like any of those composers. Andrew Lloyd Webber is a successful composer due to his variety of appeal to diverse audiences. Andrew Lloyd Webber is an English composer who used rock-based compositions to revitalize British and American musical theatre in the late 20th century. Lloyd Webber has had many great hits during his career. He has won numerous awards for his works. Due to his talent, Andrew Lloyd Webber has been asked by many professional soloists and groups to compose music for them. These qualities of Andrew Lloyd Webber prove that he is a truly successful composer. Andrew Lloyd Webber has composed a lot of fantastic musicals. Critics have even appreciated Andrew Lloyd Webber, which isnt a very common thing to happen. David Lister remarks that Lloyd Webber received this compliment due to his composition, The Beautiful Game. It is not the only show Lloyd Webber has that has been popular. Andrew Lloyd Webber composed Cats, A Chorus Line, Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and The Phantom of the Opera. Cats has by far been his most loved musical because of its long running of high audience attendance. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, Cats is the longest running musical in American Theatre history on Broadway. Andrew Lloyd Webber surpassed his own A Chorus Line with Cats, which put on more than 6,000 shows on Broadway. Cats is also the only show to break 7,000 shows on Londons West End with 7,301. Andrew Lloyd Webber has also shown that he is a successful composer by the abundance of trophies in his trophy room. His latest work, The Beautiful Game, received the title Best Musical by the Critics Circle claims Lister. It was great to get that, says Lloyd Webber, there were about 30 shows that opened around the same time that The Beautiful Game opened. In 1997, Lloyd Webber won a Golden Globe and an Academy Award for Best Original Song, You Must Love Me, from Evita. He has also won a total of six Grammys, five Laurence Oliver awards, four Tonys, four Drama Desk Awards, and since he is only the second composer ever to have three different shows running in two countries, he received the American Society of Composers, Authors, Triple Play Award for Creative Achievement by Bnoi Brith in New York. These numerous awards are one reason why Andrew Lloyd Webber is a great composer. Lloyd Webber has been asked by countless famous professional artists and groups as well as organizations to compose songs for them. Menet's Jellicle Haven states that over 150 artists have performed Lloyd Webbers song, Memory, from Cats. Menet goes on to say that a few of those entertainers that performed Memory include Barbara Streisand, Johnny Mathis, and Judy Collins, to The Boston Pops and Liberace. Barry Manilow actually placed the song in the top 40 in the United States. A techno/dance version topped the European charts when Natalie Grant, a European singer, sang it last year. Evita was another big success of Lloyd Webber in which had many big names stared in. Madonna portrayed Evita Peron, and Antonio Banderas was cast as Che, the narrator. Antonio Banderas also performed as the Phantom during the Phantom of the Opera portion at Lloyd Webbers 50th birthday gala at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Not only has Andrew Lloyd Webber composed music personally for artists and groups , but he also composed music for the 1998 Winter Olympics held in Japan. Lloyd Webbers song, When Children Rule the World, was sung by Japanese Singer Ryoko Moriyama and 150 Nagano children during the opening ceremonies in front of 50,000 people including Emperor Akihito. With all of these professional artists asking Andrew Lloyd Webber to compose music for them or them performing his music shows that Lloyd Webber must be a good composer whos music loved by many people. Each one of Andrew Lloyd Webbers musicals is about different topics so they will

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The purpose of this lab activity was to measure anaerobic power per unit of time

The purpose of this lab activity was to measure anaerobic power per unit of time. This has to do with the muscular strength of the body and the rate the body utilizes ATP and the anaerobic glycolysis system. The Wingate test is performed by a warm up period of two to three minutes followed by a resting period of one to two minutes. Continuing the test after the resting period the performer peddles as fast as he/she can for five seconds. Then the resistance (calculated by performer's weight divided by 2.205 equaling performers Kilogram Weight multiplied by .075) is added and the peddling remains for 30 second at full speed while the data is taken. The data is taken by additional subjects counting the number of pedal rotations throughout the 30 seconds. This is how the power output is measured for the quadriceps muscles. The main point for the test is that the subject must remain at maximal speed for the entire 30 seconds. This test is useful for any type of athlete who is trying to improve muscle strength to maintain or gain speed and power. As one looks at the percentile charts of norms, he/she can evaluate his or herself among other athletes. This chart is useful because it is a starting point for training and improving the strength needed to endure and gain muscle strength. As compared with the percentile of norms the data calculated for me the performer, peak 5-second was 1023.55 which is average for a conditioned athlete. For Anaerobic capacity my percentage of 800.42001, which is exceptional by comparison to the percentile of norms, equals the power output of the muscle over the 30-seconds. Finally, the fatigue index which reflects the muscles ability to resist fatigue, which my percentage equaled 53.33, was at a low resistance to muscle fatigue. In conclusion to the results of the Wingate anaerobic test, I found out that this test is not exactly the preferred test of

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The Colombia-Peru War of 1932

The Colombia-Peru War of 1932 The Colombia-Peru War of 1932: For several months in 1932-1933, Peru and Colombia went to war over disputed territory deep in the Amazon basin. Also known as â€Å"the Leticia Dispute,† the war was fought with men, river gunboats and airplanes in the steamy jungles on the banks of the Amazon River. The war began with an unruly raid and ended with a stalemate and a peace deal brokered by the League of Nations. The Jungle Opens Up: In the years just before World War One, the various republics of South America began expanding inland, exploring jungles that had previously only been home to ageless tribes or unexplored by man. Not surprisingly, it was soon determined that the different nations of South America all had different claims, many of which overlapped. One of the most contentious areas was the region around the Amazon, Napo, Putumayo and Araporis Rivers, where overlapping claims by Ecuador, Peru and Colombia seemed to predict an eventual conflict. The Salomà ³n-Lozano Treaty: As early as 1911, Colombian and Peruvian forces had skirmished over prime lands along the Amazon River. After over a decade of fighting, the two nations signed the Salomà ³n-Lozano Treaty on March 24, 1922. Both countries came out winners: Colombia gained the valuable river port of Leticia, located where the Javary River meets the Amazon. In return, Colombia relinquished its claim to a stretch of land south of the Putumayo River. This land was also claimed by Ecuador, which at the time was very weak militarily. The Peruvians felt confident that they could push Ecuador off of the disputed territory. Many Peruvians were unhappy with the treaty, however, as they felt Leticia was rightly theirs. The Leticia Dispute: On September 1, 1932 two hundred armed Peruvians attacked and captured Leticia. Of these men, only 35 were actual soldiers: the rest were civilians mostly armed with hunting rifles. The shocked Colombians did not put up a fight, and the 18 Colombian national policemen were told to leave. The expedition was supported from the Peruvian river port of Iquitos. It’s unclear whether or not the Peruvian government ordered the action: Peruvian leaders initially disavowed the attack, but later went to war without hesitation. War in the Amazon: After this initial attack, both nations scrambled to get their troops into place. Although Colombia and Peru had comparable military strength at the time, they both had the same problem: the area in dispute was extremely remote and getting any sort of troops, ships or airplanes there would be a problem. Sending troops from Lima to the contested zone took over two weeks and involved trains, trucks, mules, canoes and riverboats. From Bogota, troops would have to travel 620 miles across grasslands, over mountains and through dense jungles. Colombia did have the advantage of being much closer to Leticia by sea: Colombian ships could steam to Brazil and head up the Amazon from there. Both nations had amphibious airplanes that could bring in soldiers and arms a little at a time. The Fight for Tarapac: Peru acted first, sending troops from Lima. These men captured the Colombian port town of Tarapac in late 1932. Meanwhile, Colombia was preparing a large expedition. The Colombians had bought two warships in France: the Mosquera and Cà ³rdoba. These sailed for the Amazon, where they met up with a small Colombian fleet including the river gunship Barranquilla. There were also transports with 800 soldiers on board. The fleet sailed up the river and arrived at the war zone in February of 1933. There they met up with a handful of Colombian float planes, rigged out for war. They attacked the town of Tarapac on February 14-15. Hugely outgunned, the 100 or so Peruvian soldiers there quickly surrendered. The Attack on Gà ¼eppi: The Colombians next decided to take the town of Gà ¼eppi. Again, a handful of Peruvian airplanes based out of Iquitos tried to stop them, but the bombs they dropped missed. The Colombian river gunboats were able to get into position and bombard the town on the might of March 25, 1933, and the amphibious aircraft dropped some bombs on the town as well. The Colombian soldiers went ashore and took the town: the Peruvians retreated. Gà ¼eppi was the most intense battle of the war so far: 10 Peruvians were killed, two more were injured and 24 were captured: the Colombians lost five men killed and nine wounded. Politics Intervenes: On April 30, 1933, Peruvian President Luà ­s Snchez Cerro was assassinated. His replacement, General Oscar Benavides, was less keen to continue the war with Colombia. He was, in fact, personal friends with Alfonso Là ³pez, President-elect of Colombia. Meanwhile, the League of Nations had gotten involved and was working hard to work out a peace agreement. Just as the forces in the Amazon were getting ready for a large battle - which would have pitted the 800 or so Colombian regulars moving along the river against the 650 or so Peruvians dug in at Puerto Arturo - the League brokered a cease-fire agreement. On May 24, the cease-fire went into effect, ending the hostilities in the region. Aftermath of the Leticia Incident: Peru found itself with the slightly weaker hand at the bargaining table: they had signed the 1922 treaty giving Leticia to Colombia, and although they now matched Colombias strength in the area in terms of men and river gunboats, the Colombians had better air support. Peru backed off its claim to Leticia. A League of Nations presence was stationed in the town for a while, and they transferred ownership back to Colombia officially on June 19, 1934. Today, Leticia still belongs to Colombia: it is a sleepy little jungle town and an important port on the Amazon River. The Peruvian and Brazilian borders are not far away. The Colombia-Peru war marked some important firsts. It was the first time that the League of Nations, a precursor to the United Nations, got actively involved in brokering a peace between two nations in conflict. The League had never before taken control over any territory, which it did while details of a peace agreement were worked out. Also, this was the first conflict in South America in which air support played a vital role. Colombias amphibious air force was instrumental in its successful attempt to reclaim its lost territory. The Colombia-Peru War and the Leticia incident are not terribly important historically. Relations between the two countries normalized pretty quickly after the conflict. In Colombia, it had the effect of making the liberals and conservatives put aside their political differences for a little while and unite in the face of a common enemy, but it didnt last. Neither nation celebrates any dates associated with it: its safe to say that most Colombians and Peruvians have forgotten that it ever happened. Sources: Santos Molano, Enrique. Colombia dà ­a a dà ­a: una cronologà ­a de 15,000 aà ±os. Bogot: Editorial Planeta Colombiana S.A., 2009. Scheina, Robert L. Latin Americas Wars: the Age of the Professional Soldier, 1900-2001. Washington D.C.: Brassey, Inc., 2003.